Menasha Urban Forestry
Menasha’s urban forest is comprised of a diverse selection of trees. From our city tree inventory conducted in 2019, there are approximately 6,400 trees. Most of our species are Maple, Crabapple, Ash, Oak, Honeylocust, and Elm. These trees are located on city right of ways such as boulevards, terraces, parks, and along trails. Those numbers don’t include Heckrodt Reserve or the Menasha Conservancy. Our forestry department is dedicated to keeping Menasha’s urban forest healthy and beautiful for generations to come by providing year-round services to these beautiful organisms. Trees are a vital resource to our community by providing urban cooling through shade, rainwater collection, CO2 absorption, wildlife habitat, along with aesthetic and economic value. Its hard to imagine not having trees in our landscape, for this reason we are driven to provide beautiful trees for our community through pruning cycles, planting regimes, inspections, inventories, and removals when necessary.

Tree City USA
The City of Menasha is recognized as a Tree City USA from Arbor Day Foundation, a program that recognizes provides communities with a four-step framework to maintain and grow their tree cover. One of the aspects that is considered during the application process is a review of our tree planting program. This program provides terrace trees to properties on a rotating basis by aldermanic district. Other districts may receive trees depending on availability. Trees are planted both in the Spring and Fall. Each tree location is determined by our City Arborist. Please note, residents who wish to plant their own tree(s) in the terrace area must obtain a permit from the City Arborist before planting.
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