Isolation and Quarantine


Isolation and Quarantine

Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19 or exposed to COVID-19?

Diagnosed with COVID-19 (Isolation)
You should isolate from others when you have COVID-19 or if you are sick and suspect you have COVID-19 but do not yet have your test results. If you test negative, you can end your isolation. If you test positive, stay home for at least 5 days, then wear a high-quality mask for the next 5 days. If you have moderate or severe symptoms, you should isolate at home through day 10. You can read more about isolation guidance here.

Exposed to COVID-19 (Quarantine)
If you were exposed to someone with COVID-19, you should wear a high-quality mask for 10 days and watch for symptoms, and get tested on day 5. If you develop symptoms, get tested and stay home until you know the result. You can read more about quarantine guidance here.


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