Submission Guidelines

2024 Plan Commission Meeting Schedule and Submission Deadlines

1. General Guidelines
All submissions must be received by the application deadline date for each respective meeting contained in the meeting schedule or they will not appear on the agenda. Ten folded copies are required. If the submissions are 11x17, they should be folded so the project name is visible. All materials must be submitted electronically in addition to the required paper copies. 

2. Certified Survey Maps
Certified Survey Maps requests require an application along with the fee of $150 plus $25 per lot.

3. Plats
Plat requests require an application and should be submitted, along with any right-of-way variance requests, with a fee of $125 for preliminary plats and $250 plus $25 per lot for Final Plats.

4. Site Plans
An initial meeting with staff is required before site plan submittal. Menasha's Site Plan Review Guide is available for download - keep checking this page for updates to the Site Plan Review Guide. An application and a fee based on developed area ratio (found in the Review Guide) are also required at submission. A site improvement agreement and stormwater management agreement, along with a letter of credit or cash to be escrowed, should be submitted with the application and cover the entire cost of site improvements .

We recommend that you contact the Community Development Department as soon as you have a concept in mind for the site. This helps avoid potential conflicts that may arise as a result of communication issues and keeps the project running smoothly.

5. Special Use Permits
The Special Use Permit Procedure is similar to the Site Plan procedure. The same Site Plan Review Guide is used in most cases and a staff consultation is required, but there is a different application. Two public hearings are involved - one at the Plan Commission level, and the other is held before the Common Council. The fee for Special Use Permit review is $350, and a site improvement agreement, along with letter of credit covering the entire cost of the landscaping and paving should be submitted with the application.

6. Rezoning
Rezoning requests require an application, a fee of $350, and copies of all deeds for the property(ies) in question. Two public hearings are involved - one is held in front of the Plan Commission, and the other is held before the Common Council.