Plan Commission

The Plan Commission is scheduled to meet on the first Tuesday following Common Council meetings. The meeting usually falls on the first Tuesday of every month at 3:30 P.M. Please contact the Community Development Department at (920)967-3650 with any questions.

** All materials must be submitted in accordance with the Plan Commission Schedule or the submission will not be included on the agenda. **
**PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for Plan Commission has changed . Materials are due 4 weeks prior to a Plan Commission meeting in order to give Staff sufficient time to review.

Current membership is as follows:
Comm. Jake Anderson    
Comm. Kevin Benner    
Ald. Rosita Eisenach    
Mayor Austin Hammond    
Richard Sturm, Parks and Recreation Member    
Laura Jungwirth, Director Public Works    
Sam Schroeder, Community Development Director    
Alternate, Ald. Kiersten Lewis