Auxiliary Officer


We are currently ACCEPTING applications for Auxiliary positions.  Please fill out the requested forms and forward to the contact listed.

Reason for Opening:  Ongoing Recruitment

Hours:  Part-time by sign up, one mandatory meeting a month.

Deadline:  Open

Submit:  General Application

Please send to:
Menasha Police Department
Attn: Aaron Schaefer
430 First Street
Menasha, WI 54952

 Contact Officer Aaron Schaefer at (920) 967-3565 or by Email for additional information.


Auxilary Patch

The Menasha Auxiliary Police was established in 1963.  Auxiliary is consisted of men and women, from all types of backgrounds, interested in community service.  The primary function of the Auxiliary Unit is to provide assistance to the Menasha Police Department and the Citizens of Menasha.  This is accomplished by Auxiliary being involved in the following activities:

  • Providing security at public functions like Jazz Fest and Seafood Fest
  • Traffic control for special events like parades
  • Scene security for major incidents
  • Bike patrols
  • Park patrols
  • Assist Officers during ride-alongs
  • Other community services

Auxiliary meets twice a month for training. Training includes CPR/first aid, defensive tactics, communications, investigations, rescue, disaster training, crowd/traffic control, and many other topics.

Auxiliary members are required to work a set of amount of assignments per year. Besides the minimum, there is no restriction on the amount of assignments a member can work.

There is no cost to join, as uniforms and equipment are provided by the City of Menasha.


Those who apply to be a part of the Menasha Auxiliary Police shall be at least 18 years old. They shall be of good moral character and shall not have a criminal record.

Applications can be picked up at the Menasha Police Department or download the above General Application.

After an application is received, the Auxiliary will review the application and contact prospective applicants.


 Contact Officer Aaron Schaefer at (920) 967-3565 or by Email for additional information.


**The Menasha Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer**