Code Enforcement Specialist

Code Enforcement Specialist

The goal of Code Compliance is to maintain and improve the safety and beauty of the City of Menasha.
To accomplish this, the City of Menasha Common Council enacts ordinances to address issues that may be detrimental to the health, safety, economy, and general welfare of citizens.
The Code Enforcement Specialist enforces these ordinances and addresses complaints
from the community in the City of Menasha.

Community participation is vital to the success of the
Code Enforcement Program!

Examples of Code violations include but are not limited to:
Storage of junk and debris, abandoned vehicles, parking vehicles and/or trailers in yards, dilapidated buildings, abandoned appliances, graffiti, illegal signs/billboards, stagnant water, breeding places for vermin, or other circumstances or conditions affecting the quality of life, health or safety in the City of Menasha.


GARAGE SALE    What are the rules about garage sale signs?  

Rummage Sale and Seasonal Home Occupation Signs. Signs announcing rummage sales or seasonal home occupations in accordance with Section 13-1-86 are permitted in
compliance with the following: 
(1) One (1) sign is allowed per street frontage.
(2) Signs may be located off-premises but must be on private property; such signs in the public right-of-way are prohibited.
(3) Signs may not exceed six (6) square feet per sign face, twelve (12) square feet per sign.
(4) Such signs may be erected no more than seven (7) days before and shall be removed within three (3) days after the announced sale

Tall-Grass-Impact-on-Lawn-Care    What are the rules about maintaining my grass?  

Lawns, grasses and weeds on lots or parcels of land which exceed eight (8) inches in length adversely affect the public health and safety of the public in that they tend to emit pollen and other discomforting bits of plants, constitute a fire hazard and a safety hazard in that debris can be hidden in the grass, interferes with the public convenience and adversely affects property values of other land within the City. For that reason, any lawn, grass or weed on a lot or other parcel of land which exceeds eight (8) inches in length is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, except for property located in a designated floodplain area and/or wetland area. Also remember, do not mow your grass into the street! The City’s DNR MS4 Storm Water Permit requires us to educate our residents regarding activities that may result in lower water quality for our rivers and lakes. In recent years we have noticed an increasing frequency of grass clippings being discharged into City streets which is both bad for the receiving water bodies and a violation of Municipal Code Section 11-3-2(c). To address this problem we will be stepping up our enforcement efforts which may result in the issuance of warnings or citations. Please help the environment and your lawn by directing clippings away from the street. 

The office serves residents by:
• Taking complaints
• Investigating potential violations
• Working together to resolve violations

- Click above to submit a Complaint - 

Complete the online complaint form using the link above.  Providing your contact information is optional however without it, the Code Enforcement Specialist will be unable to follow up with you. If you choose not to share your contact information and the Code Enforcement Specialist needs more information regarding the complaint, we may be forced to close out the complaint as inactive.  Be advised that web form complaints may take a few days to be reviewed. 

Click Here For Code Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions FAQ!

In-progress issues should be reported to Code Enforcement Specialist Lori Fulcer at 920-967-3548.  
Code Enforcement Specialists routinely attend neighborhood meetings
to review and explain code requirements.
If you would like a Specialist to attend one of your meetings,
please contact Lori Fulcer at 920-967-3548.
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