Solar Panels

City of Menasha's Public Works Facility


The Menasha Public Works facility was constructed in 2021 housing the City’s public works and parks departments.  The building incorporates energy saving strategies including use of daylighting and light tubes to reduce energy consumption.  The building includes a 117kW roof-mounted photovoltaic system installed in 2021 and will add an additional 169kW photovoltaic system in 2023 which will supply the entire annual electric requirements for the facility approximately 338,950kwh annually.

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Neenah-Menasha Fire Station 36
NM Fire 36 Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue Station 36 is a LEED Gold certified building constructed in 2011.  The building incorporates a number of energy saving components including a 5.28 kW roof-mounted photovoltaic system that generates approximately 6,146 kWh annually.
The building's LEED profile can be viewed here: 

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Solar for Your Home or Business

A roof mounted photovoltaic system can be a component in your sustainability plan for your home or business.  Solar can reduce or eliminate your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, increase your property value, and has low maintenance costs.  Menasha Utilities has programs to help you make the best decision and assist you in determining the return on investment.

You can find more information on installing solar for your home or business here: