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  MrMayorMerkes - Copy
There’s a lot to be excited about in Menasha these days. We have seen multiple cranes rebuilding the downtown, new subdivisions, lot sales, and major names in the business world staking a place in our community. Roads repaired, a new bridge, and increased opportunities for multi-modal transportation. Property crime is at a 30 year low, emergency calls for police services have decreased, and automatic aid with Appleton Fire is back in service. Recreation and education at the library, senior center, and parks are all increasing in usage. During our 150th year, Menasha continues to blossom.

Menasha has grown again in the previous year our population is now 18,576, and increase of 86 people.  In addition our equalized value has increased to $1.73 billion, a growth rate of 18%.

Looking towards 2024, we will continue to focus on making Menasha an enticing destination to live, work, or enjoy.  Construction continues on a rapid pace with over 100 new residential lots recently opening, as well as over 100 new apartments downtown and over 100 new apartments on the east side by.  In addition, the City will continue its long standing goal in improve and increase waterfront access.  Jefferson Park will be refreshed with a major playground, social spaces, and boat launch.  Water Street will begin its transformation from pavement to promenade connecting Downtown to Loop the Lake.

Come enjoy the neighborhoods, businesses, and atmosphere, of Menasha, ‘Your Place on the Water’.

- Donald J. Merkes