Mayor's Office

Mayor's Office

Mayor's Office


As our national economy grows stronger, Menasha continues to grow as well.  With the advent of a vaccine, hope returned, schools reopened, our economy rebounded, and new development that was paused has resumed.  There are still challenges; workforce is tight, electric and water use are down, and the state continues to share less revenue with Cities.  I believe our opportunities exceed our challenges and Menasha will continue on a path of improvement as it has for the last decade.

With the release of the 2020 Census results, Menasha has grown to 18,268 residents increasing 5.3%, our equalized value has increased to $1.3 billion, a growth rate of 6%, our assessed tax rate has decreased about 7%, and our debt has decreased by over $10 million since 2011 even after building a new Public Works Facility.  

Looking towards 2022, we will continue the proud traditions and heritage of the community and look to create new sources of pride for the next generation including: $1.5 million in street construction, two playgrounds, four redevelopment projects in the downtown and riverfront, an initial investment in a traffic camera system, planning for an enhanced library, a new fire truck, and building two new subdivisions.

Mayors Office 

Menasha City Center
100 Main Street, Suite 200
Menasha, WI 54952

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