Citizen Involvement

Interested in getting involved with your local community?
The City of Menasha has numerous opportunities for residents to serve on one or many of Menasha various Boards, Commissions or Committees. All residents are welcome to apply. Appointments for Board, Committee, and Commission members are made by the Mayor and are recommended for approval by the Common Council.
Current Vacancies
  • Board of Appeals (1); 3-Year term length appointment
  • Committee on Aging (3); 3-Year term length appointment
  • Board of Health (1); 3-Year term length appointment
  • Redevelopment Authority (1); 5-Year term length appointment

To Apply:

Application of Interest

City of Menasha's Boards, Commissions & Committees
All specific information concerning the City of Menasha's boards, commissions, and committees can be found in the City of Menasha's Municipal Code - Chapter 4.

Housing Authority

Board of Review

Library Board

Water & Light Commission

Zoning Board of Appeals

Plan Commission

Parks & Recreation Board

Police Commission

Neenah-Menasha Joint Fire Commission

Landmarks Commission

Committee on Aging

Redevelopment Authority

Board of Health

Neenah-Menasha Sewerage Commission