Contact City Staff

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Mayor's Office Austin Hammond Mayor (920) 967-3608
Assessor Assessor 920-967-3638
City Clerk Valerie Neuman City Clerk 920-967-3603
Community Development Sam Schroeder Community Development Director 920-967-3650
Finance Jennifer Sassman Finance Director 920-967-3630
Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue Shane Krueger Emergency Director 920-886-6200
Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue Kevin Kloehn Fire Chief 920-886-6200
Elisha D. Smith Library Brian Kopetsky Library Director 920-967-3661
Menasha Utilities Melanie Krause General Manager - Business Operations 920-967-3400
Parks & Recreation Megan Sackett Parks & Recreation Director 920-967-3640
Human Resources Kimberly Cardoza Human Resources Manager 920-967-3604
Health Teresa Dr. Rudolph Physician Advisor 920-967-3520
Police Nick Thorn Police Chief 920-967-3501
Health Kristine Hutter Public Health Director 920-967-3521
Health Todd Drew Sanitarian/Sealer, Weights & Measures 920-967-3522
Public Works Laura Jungwirth Director of Public Works 920-967-3621
Public Works Thad Brown Deputy Director of Municipal Operations 920-967-3622
Utilities Rob Franck Waste Water Maintenance Supervisor 920-751-4760
Utilities Paul Much Waste Water Plant Manager 920-751-4760
Attorney Margaret Struve City Attorney 920-967-3608