Frequently Asked Questions

How do I...
 Find out who my Alderman is?
 - Pay my property taxes?
 - Pay a parking ticket?
 - Request an absentee ballot?
 - Register to vote?
 - Get a license for my cat or dog?
 - Rent a park?
 - Reserve a park facility?
I lost my tax bill.  How do I get a copy?
 - Rent a dumpster?
 - Set up my utilities?
 - Request a public record?
 - Build something on my property. What do I have to do?
 - Set up a special event or get a street use permit?

How do I report...
 - Code/Complaint Enforcement
 - Pot holes or other street repairs

 - Damaged sidewalks
 - Street light outage
 - Water main break 
 - Sewer back up

Garbage and Recycling

When does my garbage/recycling get picked up?

Parking Regulation
 - Parking Code
 - Overnight Parking