Storm Drain Stenciling

Help the community become more aware of stormwater by storm drain stenciling! Storm drain stenciling is labeling drains with messages to remind people not to dump water down these drains. Groups of all ages can participate in this activity to help the environment. It also helps people in the community realize the importance of stormwater and recognize where it ultimately drains to.

Heckrodt Wetland Reserve has equipment you can check out if you are interested in stenciling. They provide the stencils, buckets, hand brooms and dust pans,wire brushes, safety goggles, gloves and safety vests. The paint is not provided. Regular spray paint with an inverted tip works the best. There is a $50 refundable deposit to check out the equipment. The deposit will be returned once the equipment is cleaned and returned.

If interested or to find out more about storm drain stenciling, please contact the City of Menasha Engineering Department at (920) 967-3610.  To reserve equipment, email Heckrodt Wetland Reserve's naturalist Heather.

To see stenciling tips, please click here.

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