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About Menasha Public Works

The ultimate goal of the Public Works Department is to deliver vital community services that support everyone's daily life by providing routine and critical operations that enhance and make everyday activities possible. These services include refuse and recycling collection, engineering services, street maintenance and construction as well as many other necessary services.

TDS Installation Occurring throughout Menasha
As many of you noticed, TDS has begun construction around the City of Menasha, installing fiberoptic cables in the Right-of-Way.  Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this project, we encourage you to contact TDS directly by calling 1(855) 259-8576.

Please follow a series of prompts: 

 1) "If you are calling for a construction-related reason, please press 1." 
2) "If you are calling to place an order for service or to check on a pending order, please press 2.
3) Enter your Zip Code (54952)

The call will then direct you to a live TDS representative, who will be able to answer your question(s) or best assist your request.  Thank you for your understanding during this busy construction time.