Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office and recycle drop off hours?

How do I dispose of a Freon containing appliance or microwave?

How do I dispose of computer components and electronics?

How can I dispose of unused paint?

Does the City of Menasha have a "Clean Sweep" program for hazardous waste?

When are branches and limbs collected in the City of Menasha?

How are leaves collected in the fall?

When does annual spring clean up happen?

When and how do I dispose of a large bulky item?

How does the dumpster rental program work?

Who do I call to report long grass or weeds?

Where do I report a pot hole or other needed street repair?

Where do I report damaged sidewalks?

Where do I report a water main break?

What do I do if I have a sewer backup?

What can I bring to the recycling center?