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Instructor Pin
Award pin given to Officers who are Instructors
The State of Wisconsin requires police officers have, at a minimum, 24 hours of training a year. In order to keep our officers trained to the highest standard; the City of Menasha Police Department employs several instructors who are all required to meet State of Wisconsin Training and Standards Board Qualifications. Instructors specialize in different areas of required training and attend Instructor Development courses and courses in their specialty.

The Menasha Police Department has multiple instructor positions. These include Firearms, Defense and Arrest Tactics (DAAT), Vehicle Contacts, Taser, among many others. Instructors are vital to maintaining a well-trained Department and keep our officers up to date with the best practices in Law Enforcement. This ensures proper responses to calls for service and proper reactions to high stress, high risk situations.

In addition to training Department employees, instructors often work at Technical Colleges in the area as adjunct instructors to help train aspiring Officers. We have had Instructors employed at both Fox Valley Technical College and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.


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