Honor Guard


The City of Menasha Police Department fundraises and maintains its own Honor Guard.  This group of officers represents the Menasha Police Department at funerals, parades, and other special events.  The Honor Guard usually has about 10 officers in the group.  Membership is restricted to sworn members of the Department.  This group of officers is provided a special dress uniform to wear while acting as members of the Honor Guard.
Officers that are selected as members of the Honor Guard receive specialized training.  This training includes instruction in basic drill and ceremony that encompasses principles of marching, facing movements, and saluting.  It also involves learning protocols for casket watch, casket team, flag folding, and firing squads.  The group also does color (flag) presentations.  Our Honor Guard had the opportunity to present the colors at a Wisconsin Timber Rattler game in July of this year.
Unfortunately, the Honor Guard has the responsibility of attending many funerals of officers who are killed in the line of duty in the state of Wisconsin.  These events are very emotional.  Our Honor Guard attends these events to show our Department's support for the law enforcement family and most importantly the family of the officer who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
The Honor Guard utilizes fundraising in order to provide equipment for the unit and keep equipment in top notch.  If you would like to contribute to the Honor Guard or want to know when the next fundraiser for the unit is, please contact:

Lieutenant Joel Nelson
Honor Guard Commander
Current Honor Guard Members:
  • Lieutenant Joel Nelson (Commander)
  • Lieutenant Matthew Albrecht
  • Investigative Lieutenant Pete Sawyer
  • SRO Josh Gallagher
  • Officer Chris Groeschel
  • Officer Dan Hoernke
  • Officer Derrick Rotta
  • Officer Sam Vassar
  • Investigator Vicki Strebel
Honor Guard Pin
Award pin given to members of the Honor Guard
Below are some photos of the Honor Guard at trainings and events

1588web  TRats Honor Guard Colors

TratsHG 2017  1654web

1658web  TRats Honor Guard2