Evidence Technician

Award pin given to Officers who are Evidence Technicians

The Menasha Police Department, in addition to our two investigators, maintains a list of Evidence Technicians that are trained above basic evidence processing to assist with major crime scenes.  Officers who are selected to be Evidence Technicians attend an advanced evidence processing class that is typically a week long.  It involves learning how to use a camera's multiple functions and abilities to properly document a crime scene including macro lens photos that can detail the smallest imprints of shoe prints or even fingerprints.  The class also teaches officers about various forensic topics to help determine what occurred at a scene.

If selected to be an Evidence Technician, officers are kept on a list that rotates to be called in to process scenes.  They help relieve the burden on Investigators and are a valuable resource to the Department.  This specialty is often associated with officers who are interested in becoming an investigator and helps those officers gain valuable investigative and forensic experience for if/when they become an investigator.