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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

It is commonly the policy of the Menasha Police Department that persons displaying signs and or symptoms of mental illness or severe emotional distress shall be afforded dignified treatment. The safety of the mental health consumer, the officer or the public will not be compromised in this effort. Brain disease or chemical imbalances of the brain, sometimes referred to as mental illness, are the number one disability in America. Mental illness affects one in four families across America.

Law Enforcement’s most efficient tool at achieving this mission is through the use of the “Memphis Model” of the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) approach. The Menasha Police Department began implementation of CIT in 2006. The CIT approach is a community effort enjoining both the police and the community together for common goals of safety, understanding and service to the mentally ill and their families. CIT is recognized by Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services, the International Association Chiefs of Police, the National Sheriffs Association, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and other organizations as a “Best Practice” for crisis intervention.

CIT officers receive specialized training which includes information on major mental illness, special populations including children, Veterans and the elderly as well as other topics. An emphasis is placed on recognizing the crisis early and de-escalating the person before they become violent. The training is done under the instructional supervision of mental health experts and providers, family advocates, consumer groups and experienced CIT officers. Because of the training, CIT officers can, with confidence, offer a more humane and calm approach to the crisis resolution. CIT officers will be giving mental health consumers a greater sense of dignity. This in turn will offer the consumer and their family something that most anyone can use a little bit more of, Hope.

The Menasha Police Department encourages any officers interested in CIT to attend the class.  Officers are given the opportunity to attend the class through the training budget.  Currently, the Menasha Police Department has 20 CIT trained officers who can be recognized by the wearing of the CIT pin.  Look below for the list of CIT officers.


Chief Nick Thorn
Deputy Chief Angie Hanchek
Investigative Lieutenant Pete Sawyer
Lieutenant Matt Lenss
Lieutenant Joel Nelson
Lieutenant Matt Spiegel
Investigator Denton Heidemann
Investigator Vicki Strebel
SRO John Abrahamson
SRO Josh Gallagher
SRO Rick Heinen
SRO Matt Schanke
Officer Jeff Jorgenson
Officer Amy Cook
Officer Chris Groeschel
Officer Dan Hoernke
Officer Katelynn Oberle
Officer Nick Oleszak
Officer Sara Swenson


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