Winnebago County Response Teams


The Menasha Police Department no longer has its own Crisis Response Team (CRT Team).  Due to increasing costs and demands when it comes to training, the Department has decided to utilize the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) for major events and high profile calls.

The Menasha Police Department currently has two officers assigned to the Winnebago County SWAT team.  Officer Derrick Rotta is a full tactical team member while SRO Josh Gallagher is a negotiator on the team.  They are both afforded time to train with the SWAT team which has a mandatory 8 hours of training a month.

Although the Police Department does not maintain its own tactics team, officers are encouraged and given the opportunity to attend the Basic SWAT class.  This class introduces officers to the fundamental knowledge skills and abilities to operate on a SWAT team.  This boosts the tactical abilities of the patrol unit as a whole for better safety before the County SWAT team can respond.  The Menasha Police Department also holds multiple tactical training sessions a year that patrol officers are required to attend.