Pay Ordinance Summons Online


Traffic & Ordinance Violations

CLICK HERE to pay Menasha traffic and ordinance violations (Summons) online or call (844) 309-5949.  The provider of this service, "Paymentus", charges a convenience fee for processing your payment.  The fee is $3.95 per transaction.  Transactions are capped at $500 however you can make more than one transaction (plus service fees) to pay for a citation(s).

$400.00 payment requires one transaction. ($400.00 + $3.95 = $403.95)
$600.00 payment requires two transactions. ($500.00 + $3.95 and $100.00 + $3.95 for a total of $607.90)

Credit Cards American Express®, Discover®, Master Card®, and Visa® credit and debit cards are accepted.

parking  Click here to Pay a Parking Ticket