Overnight Parking Request


Parking on City streets overnight is restricted through Ordinance 10-1-29.

During the months of November-March, overnight parking from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. is prohibited.
During the months of April-October, overnight parking is allowed on an odd/even basis.

Odd / even parking is determined by the date prior to midnight.  On an odd numbered day of the month, parking is permitted on the odd side of the street.  On an even numbered day of the month, parking is permitted on the even side of the street.  Typically, the even side of the street is the North or West side while the odd side is typically the South or East side.  To verify, simply look at a house number or business address near where you're parked.

For example:  On June 6th a driver parks their car in front of their address at 430 First St.  The vehicle would not be in violation of overnight parking.

Following the same system, the same driver comes home at 1:00 a.m. on June 7th and parks their car in front of their house.  Because that is the even side of the street and it was June 6th prior to midnight, they will not be in violation.

There are some exceptions to the even / odd parking prohibition.  Please see Ordinance 10-1-29

Permission can be granted, through the authority of the Police Chief, to allow residents and visitors to park on the roadway.  To request permission, please fill out the form below.  As a general guideline, if there is heavy snowfall that requires snow plow removal of snow, overnight parking will not be allowed.

Please use the form below to request overnight parking permission.


By e-signing your name below, you acknowledge you are aware of Ordinance 10-1-29 and the restriction set forth. You agree the information added is accurate and truthful. You also understand in cases of snowfall, overnight parking in winter will be denied. Please watch our Facebook for overnight parking refusals.