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The Police Explorer program is going through an update phase at the Menasha Police Department.  Once the program is back up and running, we will update this page and being accepting applications again.  In the meantime, feel free to read about the program history below and forward any questions to us at (920) 967-3500.

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In fall of 2012, the Menasha Police Explorer program was started to help youth in our community who are interested in a Law Enforcement career. The program allows youth in the community to interact with Officers at the Menasha Police Department. The Police Explorers are exposed to the career of Law Enforcement through training with Police Officers and Post Advisors. They utilize scenarios to prepare the Explorers for a Law Enforcement career. The Police Explorers currently has nine youth actively participating in the program.

The program is supervised by Menasha Officer Adam Miller as well as Officer Chad Gruenstern from the Neenah Police Department. The Menasha Police Explorers were funded by the dedicated Police Explorers fundraising efforts throughout the year as well as a small membership fee. The Menasha Police Benevolent Association also made a donation to the Police Explorers.

The Police Explorers assist the Police Department with a variety of events that take place in the City. They assist with traffic and crowd control for the Fourth of July fireworks and hand out candy for Halloween downtown.  They also have helped with painting around the Police Department including a mural on the Menasha Police Department firing range.  As an added bonus to learning scenarios and assisting with events, Police Explorers are afforded the opportunity to participate in ride-alongs in which they will be paired with a patrol officer for a shift and witness what officers do.  Explorers are encouraged and allowed to do multiple ride-alongs.

Police Explorers also have the ability to compete in Explorer Competitions.  These competitions test the Explorers effectiveness in a variety of Police Scenarios including but not limited to disturbance resolution, traffic stops, and arrests.  In April 2016, the Menasha Police Department Explorers competed in their first Explorer competition and placed 2nd in Arrest and Search.

Students in the Neenah and Menasha School Districts, who are 14 years old or older, and have completed eighth grade are eligible to join.  A brief background investigation is conducted and there is a one time $50 fee to join.

Contact the Menasha Police Department at (920) 967-3500 for additional information or if you would like to donate.

**The Menasha Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer**