Department Info

Department Info

The City of Menasha Police Department provides full 24 hour a day public protection service to the community. The Department serves over 18,250 residents, patrols 7.76 square miles, and 86.36 miles of streets.

The Department is staffed by:

  • Chief of Police - Nick Thorn
    • Deputy Chief - Angie Hanchek
      • Community Liaison Officer - Officer Dan Hoernke   (OIC)
    • Lieutenant of Investigative Services - Vacant
      • Two Investigators
        • Investigator Pete Sawyer   (OIC)
        • Investigator Vicki Strebel
      • One Crime Analyst
        • Investigator Denton Heidemann
      • Four School Resource Officers
        • SRO John Abrahamson (Menasha High School)
        • SRO Josh Gallagher (Maplewood Middle School)   (OIC)
        • SRO Matt Schanke (Elementary Schools - Jefferson, Butte Des Morts, Banta)
        • SRO Rick Heinen (Elementary Schools - Clovis, Gegan, Virtual School)   (OIC)
      • One Officer in the Lake Winnebago Enforcement Group (MEG Unit) as an investigator
    • Five Supervisory Lieutenants
      • Lieutenant Matt Albrecht
      • Lieutenant Matt Lenss
      • Lieutenant Adam Schulz
      • Lieutenant Matt Spiegel
      • Lieutenant Joel Nelson
        • K9 Cami 
    • Officers Assigned to Patrol
      • Officer Nick Oleszak
      • Officer Jeff Jorgenson
      • Officer Sara Swenson   (OIC)
      • Officer Amy Cook
      • Officer Chris Groeschel
      • Officer Kellen Gennrich   (OIC, PTO)
      • Officer Katelynn Oberle   (PTO)
      • Officer Derrick Rotta
      • Officer Michael Oney
      • Officer Aaron Schaefer   (PTO)
      • Officer Jason Eake   (PTO)
      • Officer Bryan Van Alstyne
      • Officer Samuel Vassar
      • Officer Nate Brownie
      • Officer Jordan Batchelor
      • Officer Joe Svitak

**OIC: Officer in Charge; PTO: Police Training Officer**

If you would like to contact an Officer please call (920) 967-3500
Please indicate the officer you would like to speak to and any relevant report numbers.

In addition we have:


Menasha Police Department 
430 First Street
Menasha, Wisconsin 54952

Phone: 920-967-3500
Fax: 920-967-5145

Office Hours:
Open 24 Hours 

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