Neighborhood Watch


Watch Zone- Neighborhood
Don't wait until you have become a victim to improve security at your home.  Use the following resources to assist you in surveying vulnerabilities in your home and neighborhood.  You can also call your Community Liaison Officer to complete an on site home security survey. 

Home Security Booklet
Home Security Insp Checklist
MPD Residential security

The Menasha Police Crime Prevention Department will help you organize your block. We will provide a start-up kit that contains all of the information you need to get a watch started. A Police Officer will attend your neighborhood watch meeting and will discuss crimes occurring in your neighborhood along with prevention methods that work. To assure officer availability call the Community Liaison Officer, (920) 967-3550, before scheduling your neighborhood meeting. Neighborhood watch street signs are also available for purchase once your group is established.  The form to request signs is in the start-up packet.


Are you interested in starting a watch zone in your neighborhood download the watch captain's informational packet:

Watch Zone- Email
Be Educated, Be Involved, Take a Stance in your Neighborhood

The key to safety in your neighborhood realistically is just being a good neighbor.  Do you know the names/faces of those who live next door.  Would you be suspicious if a moving truck pulled in next door and started loading up televisions and stereos?  Does an adult in a car asking questions of a small child on the sidewalk strike you as odd?  Have you ever answered the door to find someone selling meat or offering to do home improvements?  These are all situations the police would find suspicious and we would prefer to investigate them while they are occurring instead of after someone becomes victimized.  The police department needs all neighborhoods to have citizens who will take an interest in their neighborhoods and their neighbors.

  Neighborhood watch groups were started to break down barriers and unite people toward a common goal of safety near your home, however, neighborhood watch groups have become difficult to maintain.  Many people do not want to ask for a watch group simply because they don't want to be in charge of it.  That's why we started an e-mail notification group of concerned citizens who want to know what is going on in their neighborhood AND will call the police whenever they see suspicious activity occurring.  If you would like to be on the neighborhood watch e-mail list call our Crime Prevention Specialist John Wallschlaeger at 920-967-3549.   After explaining your intentions, a short background check will be performed to determine if you have any felony or fraud related convictions.  Upon completion of the background check, you will be added to the group e-mailing list.  This will entitle you to receive scam alerts, safety bulletins, press releases and a weekly report of property crimes e-mailed right to your computer.  You will not be expected to police your neighborhood.  We are not asking anyone to get personally involved in investigating suspicious activity.  Rather, call the police when you see suspicious activity occurring.  By joining forces we can all make Menasha a safer place to live!!

Watch Zone- Business

Neither small and large businesses are immune from crime.  When problems occur in the business district they can soil the reputation of every business.  Even competing businesses have a common thread in preventing crime around their business and protecting employees and customers.  If you are a small business and never seem to have the time to plan for a response to armed robbery, employee theft, aggressive people, shoplifting, or other emergency planning contact the Community Liaison Officer for assistance.

Now is the time for businesses to formally join together and initiate a watch group! 
Officer Daniel Hoernke - Community Liaison Officer:  Email or (920) 967-3552