Home Security Tips


The City of Menasha has averaged 35 burglaries a year over the last 4 years (2019-2016).  It is our belief, burglaries can be avoided or mitigated with some simple, relatively inexpensive home security changes.  Please read below the many tips we have regarding home security to best prepare your home in hopes of avoiding becoming a victim.

2016 2017 2018 2019 Average
35 23 44 38 35

At the bottom of this list are questions, with their answers, covering home security facts and costs.

If you would like a security survey of your residence completed you can request one by contacting
Community Liaison Officer Dan Hoernke
(920) 967-3552 or Email

TIP:  Trim Trees and Bushes Surrounding Your Home

TIP:  Add a Bar or Dowel for Sliding Glass Doors

TIP:  Replace Deadbolt Strike-Plate Screws with Longer Screws

TIP:  Make Sure Your Yard is Cleaned Up

TIP:  Don't Post on Social Media When Your Are Out of Town

TIP:  Keep an Inventory of Valuable Items in Your Home

TIP:  Have Exterior Motion Lights Installed on Your Home

TIP:  Consider Installing a Doorbell Security Camera or Other Cameras

Question 1:  True or False?  95% of all home invasions involve some sort of forced entry (ie. Breaking a window, kicking in a door, etc.)

Question 2:  True or False?  Over 80% of burglars look for security cameras before they break into a home

Question 3:  True or False?  The majority of home invasions occur during the night

Question 4:  True or False?  Homes with a home security system are 300% less likely to be burglarized

Question 5:  The average home-security camera system (4 cameras) would cost...

Question 6:  On average, exterior motion lighting (4 motion lights) would cost...