Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations Governing the Operation of Resthaven Memorial Park and the part of Oakhill Cemetery under the Control of the Menasha Parks & Recreation Board

Table of Contents

ARTICLE I:  General Rules and Regulations
ARTICLE II:  Persons Entitled to Burial
ARTICLE III:  Care of Lots and Improvements
ARTICLE IV:  Burials
ARTICLE V:  Interments and Disinterments
ARTICLE VI:  Lots and Title Thereto
ARTICLE VII:  Sale of Graves or Lots
ARTICLE VIII:  Memorials
ARTICLE IX:  Mausoleums

ARTICLE I:  General Rules and Regulations

  1. The cemetery is open to visitors during the summer and winter months from 7:00 AM to sunset.
  2. Children are not permitted to enter the cemetery unless accompanied by a responsible person.
  3. Picking flowers, breaking or injuring trees, shrubs, or any planting, marring or defacing any stone work, object or structure will subject the offender to the penalties of the laws of the State of Wisconsin provided for such offenses.
  4. No firearms or instruments of like nature such as air guns/sling shots will be allowed in the cemetery, with the exception of military funerals.
  5. No dogs or other domestic animals will be permitted to run about the cemetery.
  6. Automobiles entering the cemetery must be driven at a slow speed, not faster than 10 miles per hour.  No driving under any circumstances will be permitted on the turf.  Cars shall be parked where traffic is not obstructed.

ARTICLE II:  Persons Entitled to Burial

  1. Persons of all denominations and of any religion are allowed to be buried in these cemeteries.

ARTICLE III:  Care of Lots and Improvements

  1. General care means keeping the grass cut, the pruning of trees, shrubs and plantings, the maintenance of proper roads, entrances and protection, such as fencing when and where it is deemed necessary.
  2. The turf level over the graves must conform to the general grade.
  3. Lot owners may not cut, remove or disturb the existing sod or turf.
  4. No trees, shrubs, flowers or evergreens may be planted, pruned or removed without permission from the Menasha Parks and Recreation Department.
  5. Cemetery has designated areas to Requests for trees, shrubs, or evergreens planting. Contact Menasha Parks and Recreation Department to request a planting.  Plantings done without such consent may be removed without notice.
  6. If any tree, plant, shrub or evergreen interferes with the appearance or proper care of a lot or grave, or appears dangerous to any cemetery structure, it may be removed without notice.
  7. Due to limited space in the single grave section, no planting of trees or shrubs will be allowed.
  8. No enclosure such as curbing, fencing, hedge or ditch will be allowed around any lot.
  9. Lot owners must keep any structure erected on their lot in good repair.  Owners who fail to do so will be asked to have it repaired or it will be removed at the owner's expense.
  10. Winter arrangements may be placed on grave lots beginning November 15, until spring clean-up on April 15 of the following year.  After this date, the arrangements will be removed by Resthaven Cemetery personnel.  Beginning April 15 and until one week after Memorial Day, both artificial and live floral arrangements may be placed on grave lots. Flowers may not be placed on graves except in the following manner:   

                                       - Urns that are placed on concrete slabs adjoining or part of the grave marker base.                                 
                                       - Pennie planters that are placed on the side of the marker.  
                                          Note: These holders are placed under the grave marker and extend up the side of the marker.
                                       - Planters that are placed on a 3/4" pipe extended 28" above the ground level.  These planters shall be placed alongside the grave marker. 
                                       - GLASS JARS, TIN CANS AND PLASTIC CONTAINERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED 
           10.  The removal of flowers, containers or shrubbery from the graves of others is strictly prohibited.
           11.  It will not be allowed, to erect memorials or to do similar work on Sundays or Holidays, or make any improvements on any lot unless permission is granted by the Menasha Parks and Recreation Department.

ARTICLE IV:  Burials

  1. All burials in lots must be restricted to members of the family of the lot owner, which includes husband and wife, mother, father, children's spouses and in-laws.  If here is a question of other relatives involved, the Menasha Parks and Recreation Department will use its discretion.  If the lot owner desires to have a person buried on the family lot, who is not of the family, the same amount must be paid as for a single grave.
  2. The family of the deceased shall select the location of the grave and no change thereafter will be made except at the cost of the family.  When the grave selection is ordered, selection shall be final.
  3. Burial of two bodies in one grave is not permitted, except in the case of a mother and child or two children at the same time.
  4. Allow a maximum of two cremations or one body and one cremation on a single grave space; and only one memorial will be allowed per grave space.
  5. No grave may be opened except by permission of proper authority.  Burial vaults shall be of concrete only.  Funeral Directors shall be responsible for the charge of opening and closing the grave.  Payment shall be made to the City Treasurer at the time the grave is ordered.  All caskets must be enclosed in an outer burial container (i.e. standard vault or grave liner) constructed of concrete only.

ARTICLE V:  Interments & Disinterments

  1. The cost of interment or reinterment will be in keeping with the difficulty of the work.
  2. No body will be disinterred without the consent in writing of the majority of the next of kin.

ARTICLE VI:  Lots and Title Thereto

  1. The various sections of the cemetery are subdivided so that lots of various size can be purchased, including single graves.
  2. No burial will be allowed on any lot until the purchase price of the lot is paid.  
  3. When a single grave is purchased, the amount of the purchase price shall be paid in full.
  4. When a lot is paid for, a Certificate or Deed of Perpetual Use will be issued, giving location, size and number of burials permitted thereon.  The purchase price includes perpetual care.  The title to the land remains in the office of the City Treasurer.  The cemetery authority guarantees the present as well as the future care of the lot or grave.  A part of the purchase price is set aside in the manner determined by the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the income therefrom used for maintenance purposes.
  5. For the single grave section, a receipt showing the number of the grave lot and section will be issued when the grave is fully paid.
  6. No sale, transfer or assignment of a lot or any part of a lot shall be valid without the written consent from Menasha Parks and Recreation Department.  If the sale of a lot or a portion of a lot is requested, the City shall purchase same for original sale price.
  7. No person will be recognized as the owner or part owner of a lot unless his or her name appears on the records of the cemetery as such owner.
  8. Joint ownership of a lot is not permitted.

ARTICLE VII:  Sale of Graves or Lots

  1. The Park Superintendent shall have full authority in the sale of lots or graves at the Resthaven Cemetery, and the part of Oak Hill Cemetery belonging to the City of Menasha.
  2. Any party purchasing a lot or grave shall contact the Park Superintendent only, as he has full charge of all records of lots, graves, locations and sizes of lots, prices, payments, etc.

ARTICLE VIII:  Memorials

  1. All memorials must be made of granite, marble or bronze.
  2. Only one memorial will be permitted on any one grave space and the size must not exceed more than 40 inches in length nor 26 inches in height.  Exceptions to this rule are Government Markers.  Government markers may be used in conjunction with another memorial, however, when doing so, the government marker must be set at ground level.
  3. Memorials for two (2) or more burial spaces must not exceed 64 inches in length nor 32 inches in height.
  4. Memorials for the infant section shall not exceed 16 inches in length nor 16 inches in height.
  5. The foundations for all memorials (above ground) shall have a 5 inch projection, except in the infant section a 4 inch projection is required.  All concrete bases must be of good quality and guaranteed by the contractor. A five (5) bag mix is recommended.
  6. Flush or ground level memorials are permitted on any grave or graves; however, they must be set flush with the grade line and a 2 inch sand lift is required under them.  It is recommended that this type of material be encased in cement with a 3 inch projection.
  7. The placement of memorials is subject to the control and supervision of the Menasha Parks and Recreation Department.
  8. Contractors will be held responsible for any damage done to the cemetery property including roads, turf and plantings.  Contractors must restore the lots to the same condition as before the work was begun.
  9. Unless expressly allowed, no memorial setter or cement contractor will be permitted to leave litter or building materials in the cemetery during days of general visitation.
  10. Inscriptions and designs on memorials must be sunk or raised at a minimum of 1/16th of an inch from the surface.  It should be borne in mind that fine memorials and perfect workmanship are preferred.  Designs and letterings must be in good taste so as to enhance the appearance of the lot and the cemetery.
  11. If planters are anticipated by the lot owner, a 15 inch extension should be provided to accommodate these planters.
  12. No memorial shall be erected without a permit issued by the Menasha Parks and Recreation Department.
  13. Out of respect during funeral services in the cemetery, all contractors are required to cease working until the services are completed.

ARTICLE IX:  Mausoleums

Contact (920)967-3620 for rules and regulations.

The aforementioned rules and regulations for the conduct of our cemetery are basic.

Where local condition demand a modification of same, such changes should be in conformity with the purpose of these rules.  No changes that conflict with these basic rules are allowed.

NOTE: Subject to change without notice.
Revised 12-29-98