Jefferson Park

Jefferson Park is the City’s largest and most programmed park hosting numerous social and sporting events as well as civic celebrations.  The implementation of the 2017 Jefferson Park Master Plan will refresh outdated and non-ADA complaint facilities; as well as, increase opportunities for programming this much loved park. Improvements are recommended for the pavilion, softball diamond, playground, new social space, new east pavilion/concessions/restroom, rebuild of streets and boat launch. The public pool would be reconstructed in a future phase. Over half of the funding is planned to be non-City tax levy funding.

In 2019, the first phase of the vision plan was implemented with the removal of the west softball diamond, the reconfiguration of the adjacent parking lot, the addition of basketball courts and the addition of gateway features. When preparing for the implementation of the next phases of the Jefferson Park plan, the Park Board took the opportunity to review and update the 2017 vision plan to be relevant with the current and future uses of the park while working to honor the vision and community input from 2017. In March of 2022, the Park Board approved the updated concept plan.

Jefferson Park PlaygroundJefferson Park Playground

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