High Cliff Connection

The High Cliff Connection is a proposed trail connection that will extend the regional east/west trail corridor from the Miron Trestle Bridge to High Cliff State Park. The connection will tie into the local Friendship Trail in Menasha, tie into the State's Friendship Trail, and extend to the High Cliff State Park.    

The High Cliff Connection will fill multi-modal gaps in this strong, regional east-west corridor that will connect the Fox Valley Region and will help provide safer multi-modal opportunities for school children in the area. The trail expansion will continue the extension to provide multimodal facilities for residents and visitors to access retail, job centers, local trails, parks and other key community facilities that otherwise would not be accessible or would require the use of a vehicle. 

The City of Menasha was recently awarded a WisDOT Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) grant to complete a feasibility study for various sections of the proposed High Cliff Connection. This grant is 80% federal funds and 20% local funds (which will be provided by the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region).

The Master Plan for this corridor was adopted by ECWRPC in October 2022. The Master Plan identified potential conceptual connections based on public input.

The feasibility study is the next step in project development that will review benefits and challenges of various potential alignments. The Feasibility Study will also include additional public involvement.

Website:  https://highcliffconnection.org/