:  Resthaven Cemetery (206 North St., Neenah) is a non-denominational municipal cemetery owned, operated, and maintained by the City of Menasha. In addition, the City of Menasha maintains a portion of Oak Hill Cemetery (Oakridge Rd, Neenah to maintaining a portion of Oak Hill Cemetery. 
Gravesites are available for purchase at Resthaven Cemetery only.
Click here for further information about cemetery rates and burial information. 

Cemetery Clean Up

Winter arrangements may be placed on grave lots beginning November 15, until spring clean-up on first Monday of April. Arrangements not collected by the first Monday in April will be removed by Resthaven Cemetery personnel.  Beginning April 15 and until one week after Memorial Day, both artificial and live floral arrangements may be placed on grave lots. Flowers may not be placed on graves except in the following manner: 

                              - Urns that are placed on concrete slabs adjoining or part of the grave marker base.                                 
                              - Pennie planters that are placed on the side of the marker.  
                                            Note: These holders are placed under the grave marker and extend up the side of the marker.
                              - Planters that are placed on a 3/4" pipe extended 28" above the ground level.  These planters shall be placed alongside the grave marker. 
                              - Glass jars, tin cans and plastic containers will not be allowed. 

Cemetery - Jane Krueger
Photo Credit: J. Krueger