Infant Feeding

There are numerous well-documented benefits of breastfeeding for the baby, mother, and the community. Breastmilk provides nutrients and antibodies to the baby, which can lower a child’s risk of asthma, ear infections, diabetes, and obesity. Breastfeeding can also lower a woman’s risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Additionally, breastfeeding is environmentally friendly – there is no waste from packaging, preparation, or leftovers!

The Menasha Health Department employs a nurse who is also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). If you or someone you know is in need of lactation support and would like to connect with our lactation counselor, please call our office at (920) 967-3520.

Menasha Health Department's Breastfeeding Friendly Program

Breastfeeding Friendly-Childcare Centers
The Menasha Health Department can assist local childcare centers with establishing breastfeeding support programs. There are many benefits for childcare centers to become designated as breastfeeding friendly, including: happier and healthier babies, less spit up, easier transitions for moms, diaper odor is not as smelly, and makes the childcare center more marketable to families. 

The process for designating a childcare center as breastfeeding friendly is a fairly simple process and involves 10 Steps

Breastfeeding Friendly-Workplaces
A breastfeeding friendly business is a business who actively supports and promotes breastfeeding for its employees by providing privacy and flexibility to express and store breastmilk. The Menasha Health Department can assist employers with establishing breastfeeding support programs. Evidence shows that supporting breastfeeding employees saves businesses money. Providing employees with lactation support reduces employee absences, lowers healthcare costs, and leads to improved staff productivity and loyalty, which means cost savings due to reduced staff turnover. 

The process for designating a workplace as breastfeeding friendly is fairly simply and involves 5 Steps. Each business has different needs, varying resources, and a diverse workforce.

If your childcare center or workplace would like to become designated as breastfeeding friendly, call the Menasha Health Department main line at 920-967-3520 or contact us to reach our MCH staff members.

Breastmilk storage guidelines

Breastfeeding Friendly Resources
Furnishing a Lactation Space
Furnishing a Lactation Space (Spanish)
Sample Breastfeeding Policy

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