Child Safety

Safe Sleep
There are around 3,500 sleep-related deaths every year among babies in the US. There have been big improvements in reducing baby deaths during sleep since the 1990s. Implementing safe sleep techniques can help reduce the risk of sleep related deaths (including unknown causes, SIDs, and accidental suffocation).

Safe Sleep Techniques
  • Remove blankets, pillows, toys, and bumper pads
  • Share a room, but do not share a bed
  • Place babies on their backs for every sleep
  • Use a firm sleep surface in a safety-approved crib
Safe Sleep Resources
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March of Dimes 

Child Passenger Safety
Did you know that when child car seats are used correctly, they can reduce the risk of death by 71%? In fact, the leading cause of death and injuries among children in the United States are due to preventable road injuries. Visit Safe Kids for more information.

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