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Let’s Get the Lead Out - Menasha

The City of Menasha is dedicated to assisting homeowners to protect their families from lead exposure.   
Experts agree there is no known safe level of lead in a child’s blood.  The Menasha Health Department recommends looking at all potential lead exposure sources in your home and taking steps to minimize those sources.

What are lead sources? The majority of lead exposure comes from deteriorated lead-based paints, primarily on windows. Lead pipe hazard related to water account for 10-20% of potential lead exposure to children in older homes. This is a concern throughout the Fox Valley and in the United States. The process of replacing all lead piping in the system is one that takes time to complete.

What can we do to get the lead out? Read "Protecting Your Family from Lead," (EPA). Evaluate all sources of lead, especially lead paint in homes built before 1978. Take recommended measures to minimize sources.

Participate in full lead service line replacement if your water main is scheduled. The Menasha Utilities has a Lead Service Program fund to assist homeowners in changing their lead water laterals (pipe from street to house). Menasha Utilities will apply for funds annually as long as funds are available. For more information, contact the Water Distribution Department at (920) 967-3431 or visit the webpage at menashautilities.com.
If your home was built prior to 1986, it may have leaded solder joints, regardless of whether the lateral is lead. Use only cold water for drinking and cooking; Let it Run 1-2 minutes until cold before drinking it. Obtain a water filtration device, faucet mount, or a pitcher with a charcoal filter. These items will reduce or remove lead from the water that is used for consumption. It's important to check the product to be sure it has been certified for lead removal by National Safety Foundation International (NSF). Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for operation and maintenance. Read carefully about how frequently the filter should be changed, and what the cost of replacement filters are, prior to purchasing a particular device. Installation of a faucet mounter filter unit is easy and does not require a plumber. These items screw into the base of the faucet. Faucet mounted filter units are available for $10 from the Menasha Health Department. Replacement filters are available for $4 each.

Who can I contact if I have questions? The Menasha Health Department is committed to assisting families with expectant mothers and/or very young children. This also includes households where very young children are frequent, such as grandparent's homes, or in-home daycare settings.

Please contact the Menasha Health Department Environmental Health Sanitarian, Todd Drew, at (920) 967-3522 / tdrew@menashawi.gov for specific information related to your home, and recommendations on how to reduce risks from lead. You may also contact Todd regarding other potential environmental health issues that may be present in your home, such as: radon, asbestos, and indoor air quality. Our goal is to help families live in a healthy home.

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