Environmental Health

This program has the responsibility for inspections of eating, drinking, and retail food establishments; inspections of public swimming pools; monitoring lead and asbestos hazards; assuring safe drinking water especially at the community well; indoor air quality concerns; elimination of public health hazards; and enforcement of weights and measures standards for consumer protection.

The health department receives grants to help fund the environmental health programs. In addition, the health department collects annual permit fees to cover the cost of the inspection programs in the eating, drinking, retail food establishments, weights and measures establishments, etc.

For additional information or questions about the services provided by environmental health, please call Todd Drew, RS at 920-967-3520.

Legionnaire's Disease
During summer and fall, we typically see an increase in the number of cases of Legionellosis in the State. This increase is likely due to the warmer weather and more opportunities for people to be exposed to Legionella bacteria in water droplets from showers, cooling towers (parts of big air conditioning systems), fountains, hot tubs, and other water systems made by humans. Symptoms of Legionnaire's Disease include: headache and muscle aches, loss of appetite, coughing, fever, diarrhea (occasionally), tiredness, and fever. If you suspect you may have Legionnaire's Disease, please see your healthcare provider.

Wisconsin's Climate Change: New data shows an increase in rain and snowfall amounts, more extreme rainfalls, and continued warming. The 2021 Assessment Report: Wisconsin's Changing Climate report explains the impacts these issues have on our climate, along with progress that has been made toward solutions.

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