Keeping of Chickens

Chicken Permit/License

For more information on chicken coops in the City of Menasha, please review our factsheet

How to Obtain a City of Menasha Chicken Permit: 
An application for zoning permit is required prior to the installation of a chicken coop and/or run (herein coop) by the Community Development Department. Upon issuance of the initial zoning permit, an initial inspection of the coop shall be certified by the Health Officer and/or Designee prior to the occupancy of chickens.
  1. Applications shall be accompanied with a site plan, drawing/image of the proposed coop and run, to Wisconsin Department of Agricultural Trade and Consumer Protection (WDATCP), a permit fee, and an initial inspection fee.
  2. Failure to obtain an approved permit including an initial inspection prior to the occupants of chickens shall constitute a violation and shall be subject to a double fee.
  3. A permit is subject to revocation by the Health Officer and/or designee upon failure to comply with any provisions of 7-1-13(D), subsections (3) or (4). Such revocation is subject to appeal to the Board of Health. Once a permit is revoked, a permit shall not be reissued.
  4. Coops are an accessory use which is defined as “a use on the same lot with and of a nature customarily incidental and subordinate to the principal building or use.” No coop is permitted on a lot or parcel without a principal building.
  5. Fees for the initial zoning review and pre-inspection are non-refundable.

Register with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Fill out the free "Livestock Premises Registration Application." Once registered, you will have a registration number.

For assistance using Winnebago County GIS (mapping), please use the Winnebago County Mapping (GIS) factsheet found on the Building Inspection webpage.

For permit questions, please contact Kristi Heim at (920) 967-3650 or by email

Fees for a Chicken Permit/Inspection
Initial permit fee is $30 and the pre-inspection fee is $50 for a total of $80. Cash or check is accepted at City Hall. 

Each subsequent year (year two and beyond), the permit holder must apply for an annual license at $7 per flock. Failure to obtain an annual license prior to April 1st of any year, shall constitute a double fee.

R-9-2023 (Resolution establishing a fee for the keeping of chickens in the City of Menasha)

Ordinances Regarding Keeping of Chickens

Should you have any issues regarding chickens within the City of Menasha, please use our complaint form

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