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OneMenashaCenterTax Increment Financing (TIF)
The City of Menasha has created thirteen TIF districts to encourage redevelopment and private investment throughout the City. The City has the ability to provide financial incentives to developers by utilizing funds generated from TIF districts. For more information on what TIF districts are and how they work, please visit this link.

To determine whether your proposed development is within a TIF district, please view the City of Menasha TIF District Map.

To inquire about the potential for TIF incentive for your development project, please contact Community Development Department staff at 920-967-3650.

Façade Improvement Program
The facade improvement program is designed to encourage property owners to make improvements to their storefronts that enhance the historic nature of downtown Menasha. The facade program is overseen by the city's Landmarks Commission, and is available to businesses within the city's Historic Districts. The program provides grants and loans.

Grants.  Facade Improvement grants are limited to a maximum of $2,500 per facade, with a 50% match required.

Loans.  Facade Improvement loans are limited to $10,000 per facade, with an interest rate of 4%, and a term of 1 year for each $1,000 borrowed (for example, a $5,000 loan would have a 5 year term).

Availability of funds for the facade program changes from time to time. To inquire about the availability of funding and determine the eligibilty of your project, please contact Community Development Department staff at 920-967-3650.

New Market Tax Credit Zone
The City of Menasha contains a New Market Tax Credit eligible zone encompassing its downtown and surrounding neighborhood.  This zone is bounded by Sixth street to the north, Racine street to the east, the government canal to the south, and Little Lake Buttes des Morts to the west.

The New Markets Tax Credit Program (NMTC Program) was established by Congress to spur new or increased investments into operating businesses and real estate projects located in qualifying redevelopment districts.  The NMTC Program attracts investment capital to communities by permitting individual and corporate investors to receive a tax credit against their Federal income tax return in exchange for making equity investments in specialized financial institutions called Community Development Entities (CDEs).  The credits total 39 percent of the original investment amount and is claimed over a period of seven years (five percent for each of the first three years, and six percent for each of the remaining four years.

To learn more about how to access New Market Tax Credits, please contact the Community Development Department at 920-967-3650.

Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs)
The City of Menasha, via granting from the State of Wisconsin, has the authority to issue tax-exempt bonds on behalf of a business. This valuable program assists small manufacturers with expansion projects through low-interest financing. Even though IRBs are municipal bonds, they are not general obligations of the municipality. The company or business that will use the funds is responsible for the interest and principal payments on the loan. The local government issues to bonds in its name, but its credit is not applied to the bond issue.  The proceeds of the bond issue may be used to finance the cost of land, construction of new or expanded facilities, purchase of equipment, and the payment of certain costs incurred in the issuance of the bonds. The use of IRBs is generally restricted to manufacturing operations although in certain circumstances other entities may be eligible to apply.  Unlike most conventional loans, IRBs can offer businesses a convenient, long-term, and often a fixed-rate financing package. Similar to other municipal bonds, the interest earned on IRBs is exempt from federal income taxes. As a result, the bond buyer is willing to accept a lower rate of interest in exchange for tax-free income.

Winnebago County Industrial Development Board (IDB):The IDB provides financing to local units of government in the County, including the Winnebago County portion of the City of Menasha, that have business or industrial development projects that provide quality job opportunities and increases the tax base of the county.  Funds can be used by the City to financially assist businesses and industries that wish to expand or relocate within the City. For more information on the IDB's loan program, click here.

Business Links

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Small Business Development Center The Wisconsin SBDC offers a variety of educational services to small-business clients along the entire business development spectrum -- pre-venture, start-up, established, and high-growth. The low-cost courses, seminars, and workshops cover both basic and complex topics, from marketing to management techniques to business plan development. In addition, the SBDC provides counseling to help clients manage and run their businesses more profitably.

US Small Business Administration The SBA's mission is to "maintain and strengthen the nation's economy by aiding, counseling, assisting and protecting the interests of small businesses and by helping families and businesses recover from national disasters."

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