Coin Operated Device License

No person, firm or corporation shall own or operate any coin operated device of any kind or nature, or any other mechanical or similar entertainment device unless such device shall be licensed as hereinafter provided (Municipal Code SEC. 7-11-3). 

To Apply:
Please complete and provide the following:
  • Coin Operated Devices Application
    • This application is to apply for license to own or operate a coin operated music device or mechanical skill or other musical devices in the City of Menasha shall be made to the City Clerk upon a form furnished by him for that purpose. The application form shall contain a statement of the applicant's name and residence, type of device for which license is desired, together with a description which will clearly identify such device, the name of the owner, 1202947:3 and such other material facts as may be necessary. 
    • 2024-2025 Coin Operated Devices Application
  • Payment ($10 per device)
    • The annual fee to be paid for each such license shall be the sum of Ten Dollars ($10.00) for coin operated mechanical devices or for other music devices for which license is required in Subsection (a) and Ten Dollars ($10.00) for coin operated mechanical devices.
    • The City of Menasha accepts cash or check (made payable to City of Menasha)