Preface to City Code




This code contains a recodification of the general and permanent ordinances of the City of Menasha, Wisconsin.

Source materials used in the preparation of the Code were the 1989 Code, as supplemented by ordinances subsequently adopted by the Common Council. It does not contain any legislative history. The official minutes of the Common Council would contain any legislative history.


Numbering System

The numbering system used in this Code is the same system used in many state and local government codes. The numbering is by: Title - Chapter - Article; such as 15 - 1 - A. If a Chapter does not have any articles, then it is designated by 0. Each section consists of two parts separated by a dash. The figure before the first dash refers to the chapter number and the figure after the first dash refers to the position within the chapter. Thus, the second section of Chapter 1 is 1 - 2 and the first section of Chapter 4 is 4 - 1. Under this system, each section is identified with its chapter and at the same time new sections or even whole chapters can be inserted in their proper place by using another dash. New articles and new divisions will be numbered in the same way and may be placed at the end of the chapter embracing the subject, and, in the case of divisions, may be placed at the end of the article embracing the subject. The next successive number shall be assigned to the new article or division.

Indices and Search Mechanisms

The indices have been prepared with the greatest of care. Each particular item has been placed under several headings, some of which are couched in lay phraseology, others in legal terminology and still others in language generally used by local government officials and employees. There are numerous cross references within each index which stand as guideposts to direct the user to the particular item in which the user is interested. Search mechanisms work in the same manner as most Internet search engines.


A special feature of this publication is the ability to maintain updates as soon after passage and publication as possible. With this system, the publication will be kept up-to-date. Subsequent amendatory legislation will be inserted bi-monthly. The date of the latest update appears above.

The City Attorney and the City Clerk maintain a hard copy of this code along with all updates and amendments. For any questions, please contact either the City Clerk or City Attorney.

The Code, as published at this web-site does not contain certain sections not easily produced in this format. These include:

  1. All Ordinances of the Neenah-Menasha Sewerage Commission.
  2. Any charter ordinances.
  3. All zoning designations for individual parcels and the zoning map.
  4. Annexations by legal description.
  5. Legal descriptions of the boundary of the City.
  6. Any right or franchise granted by the Common Council to any person, firm, or corporation, specifically cable television.
  7. Any ordinances or resolutions dedicating, naming, establishing, locating, relocating, opening, closing, paving, widening, vacating any street or public way in the City.
  8. Any ordinance or resolution establishing or prescribing street grades of any streets in the City.
  9. Any ordinance or resolution providing for local improvements or assessing taxes or special assessments.
  10. Any ordinance or resolution dedicating or accepting any plat or subdivision in the City.
  11. Any ordinance or resolution promising or guaranteeing the payment of money for the City.
  12. Any appropriation ordinance or resolution.
  13. The issuance of Corporate bonds and notes of the City of whatever name or description.
  14. Water, sewer, and electric rates, rules and regulations and sewer and water main construction.
  15. Any flood plain designation or maps.
  16. City of Menasha Emergency Operations Plan.
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Preface to City Code1 document

  • Preface to City Code

Table of Contents1 document

  • Table of Contents

Title 1 – General Provisions for Use of Code of Ordinances2 documents

  • 1-1 Use and construction of Code of Ordinances
  • 1-2 Enforcement of Ordinances; Issuance of Citations

Title 2 - Government and Administration4 documents

  • 2-1 City Government; Elections
  • 2-4 Boards, Commissions and Committees
  • 2-3 Municipal Officers and Employees
  • 2-2 Mayor; Common Council

Title 3 – Finance and Public Records4 documents

  • 3-1 Finance
  • 3-2 Special Assessments
  • 3-3 Public records
  • 3-4 Disposal of Lost, Abandoned, and Surplus Property

Title 4 – Administrative Determinations Review1 document

  • 4-1 Review of Administrative Determinations

Title 5 – Public Safety4 documents

  • 5-1 Law Enforcement
  • 5-2 Fire Prevention
  • 5-3 Fire Prevention Code; Hazardous Materials
  • 5-4 Emergency Government

Title 6 – Public Works8 documents

  • 6-1 Board of Public Works; Grades
  • 6-2 Streets and Sidewalks
  • 6-3 Driveways
  • 6-4 Trees and Shrubs
  • 6-5 City of Menasha Official Map
  • 6-6 Construction Site Erosion Control
  • 6-7 Post Construction Stormwater Management
  • 6-8 Stormwater Illicit Discharge and Connection

Title 7 – Licensing and Regulation15 documents

  • 7-2 Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor
    7-2.A Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor
  • 7-2 Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor
    7-2.B Operators License
  • 7-3 Cigarette Licenses
  • 7-4 Direct Sellers
  • 7-5 Auctions
  • 7-6 Restaurant and Retail Food Establishment Licensing
  • 7-7 Regulation and Licensing of Fireworks
  • 7-8 Street Use Permits
  • 7-9 Tattoo Parlors
  • 7-10 Hotel and Motel Room Tax
  • 7-11 Miscellaneous Business Licenses
  • 7-12 Licenses to Pay Local Claims; Appellate Procedures; Insurance Requirements
  • 7-13 Escort and Escort Services
  • 7-14 Short-Term Rental of Dwelling Units
  • 7-1 Licensing of Dog, Cat or Ferret and Regulation of Animals

Title 8 – Health and Sanitation5 documents

  • 8-1 Health and Sanitation
  • 8-2 Weights and Measures
  • 8-3 Refuse Disposal and Collection
  • 8-4 Recycling Materials and Collection
  • 8-5 Removal of Salvageable Non-Structural Materials from Vacated Buildings

Title 9 – Public Utilities7 documents

  • 9-1 Cable Television
  • 9-2 Water Utility Regulations
  • 9-3 Sewer Utility Regulation
    9-3.A General Regulations
  • 9-3 Sewer Utility Regulations
    9-3.B Industrial Pretreatment
  • 9-4 Communications Utility
  • 9-5 Steam Utility
  • 9-6 Stormwater Utility

Title 10 – Motor Vehicles and Traffic8 documents

  • 10-1 Traffic and Parking
    10-1.A General Provisions
  • 10-1 Traffic and Parking
    10-1.B Controlled Intersections; Street Traffic Regulations
  • 10-1 Traffic and Parking
    10-1.C Parking Regulations
  • 10-1 Traffic and Parking
    10-1.D Miscellaneous Provisions
  • 10-1 Traffic and Parking
    10-1.E Enforcement and Penalties
  • 10-2 Bicycles
  • 10-3 Snowmobiles
  • 10-4 Abandoned and Junked Vehicles

Title 11 – Offense and Nuisances7 documents

  • 11-1 State Statutes Adopted
  • 11-3 Offenses Against Property
  • 11-4 Obscenity
  • 11-5 Offenses Involving Alcoholic Beverages
  • 11-7 Public Nuisances
  • 11-2 Offenses Against Public Safety and Peace
  • 11-6 Offenses by Juveniles

Title 12 – Parks and Navigable Waters2 documents

  • 12-1 Park Regulations and City Recreation Programs
  • 12-2 Regulation of Boating and Navigable Waters

Title 13 – Zoning28 documents

  • 13-3 Floodplain Zoning

13-1 Zoning Code13 documents

  • 13-1.A Introduction
  • 13-1.B General provisions
  • 13-1.D Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Lots
  • 13-1.E Traffic Visibility, Loading , Parking and Access
  • 13-1.F Signs and Billboards
  • 13-1.G Satellite Earth Stations, Television or Radio Antenna Towers, Wind Energy Systems, Accessory Uses, Home Occupations
  • 13-1.H Mobile Homes
  • 13-1.I Annexation
  • 13-1.J Administration
  • 13-1.K Changes and Amendments to the Zoning Code
  • 13-1.L Appeals
  • 13-1.M Definitions
  • 13-1-C Zoning Districts

13-2 Shoreland-Wetland Zoning5 documents

  • 13-2.A Statutory Authorization, Findings of Fact, Statement of Purpose and Title
  • 13-2.B General Provisions
  • 13-2.C Shoreland-Wetland Zoning District
  • 13-2.D Administrative Provisions
  • 13-2.E Penalties; Definitions

13-3 Floodplain Zoning9 documents

  • 13-3A Floodplain Zoning
  • 13-3B General Provisions
  • 13-3C Floodway District (FW)
  • 13-3D Flood Fringe District (FF)
  • 13-3-E General Floodplain District (GFP)
  • 13-3F Nonconforming Uses
  • 13-3G Administration
  • 13-3H Amendments
  • 13-3I Enforcement and Penalties

Title 14 – Subdivision Regulations1 document

  • 14-1 Subdivision Regulations

Title 15 – Building Code9 documents

  • 15-2 Construction Site Erosion Control
  • 15-3 Fair Housing
  • 15-4 Grievances Regarding Access to Public Buildings By Handicapped Persons
  • 15-5 Housing Code
  • 15-1A Building Codes
  • 15-1B Electrical Code
  • 15-1C Plumbing Code
  • 15-1D Mechanical Code
  • 15-1E Penalties and Fees