Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retail License

No person, firm or corporation shall, in any manner, directly or indirectly, upon any premises, or by any device, sell, exchange, barter, dispose of or give away, or keep for sale, any cigarette, cigarette paper or cigarette wrappers, or any substitute therefor, without first obtaining a license as hereinafter provided (Municipal Code SEC. 7-3-1). 

New for 2024:  Per Wisconsin Law (2023 Wis. Act 73), significant changes were made to municipal licensing and regulation of cigarette, tobacco, and vapor prodcuts, effective March 6, 2024, including:
  • Requiring retailers that sell electronic vaping devices to obtain a retail license from their municipality 
  • Creating minimum standards for persons to hold a municipally-issued retail license
  • Requiring municipalities to use a retail license application form created by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR)  
To Apply:
Please complete and provide the following:
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