Dog And Cat Licenses

Pet License

Dogs and cats more than five months of age on January 1st or dogs and cats that reach the age of five months during the calendar year are required to be licensed by City ordinance.  When you come to City Hall to purchase your dog or cat license, you must bring along proof of rabies vaccination.  This is usually covered with a form issued by your pet’s veterinarian.  The cost of the license is seven dollars ($7) for neutered male or spayed female dogs and cats and twelve dollars ($12) for unneutered male and unspayed female dogs and cats.  If the owner fails to obtain a license prior to April 1st of any year, an additional five dollar ($5) late fee will be charged in addition to the required license fee. Dog and cat licenses expire on December 31st of every year and if you still have the dog or cat on January 1st, the license needs to be renewed.

The total combination number of dogs and cats per dwelling unit shall be limited to four (4). If such dwelling unit or family unit decides to have more than four (4) Dogs and Cats, they must obtain a Kennel License. Information on how to obtain a Kennel License is accessible by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

If there are questions on how to obtain a dog or cat license, please contact the City of Menasha Finance Department, 920-967-3630.